TMJd (Temporomandibular Disorder)

tmj_normal2Symptoms include headaches, jaw and neck pain,bruxism (teeth grinding) and non restful sleep causing a muriad of other symptoms due to lack of sleep and stress. TMJd can be treated effectively and naturally through this deep tissue and myofascial release technique in my office. Trigger point therapy relieves the tension, and stretching and melting the fascia allows for space and relief from pain, tension, sleeplessness, referred pain such as headaches, back pain, ear and tooth pain. This massage includes neck, jaw, chest, shoulders and head (including intraoral massage). I have advanced schooling in treating TMJd, and deep neck work- and continue my education regularly. Completing a series of 5 sessions spaced a week apart can often break the pain cycle and have you living a more comfortable life, able to rest and sleep easier, and diminish pain that may have lingered chronically for years! This specialized massage works to soften and release the deep muscles and fascial restrictions in the neck, head and face, incorporating intraoral work also. One session every 1-2 weeks for 5-10 treatments (depending on severity). Please call or text 607-201-4926, or click HERE to schedule online 24/7.